Metaphors: The Driving Force Behind Your Life

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About the Course

Want to change your life? Just change your metaphor.

So often we act as if we don’t have a choice in the way we experience life. The truth is that you can radically change your entire way of being in the world by simply changing your life metaphor. Imagine if you could be happier and more content, more loving towards others, more motivated and fulfilled, with a greater capacity to handle challenges.

It’s never too late to live the life you have always wanted. Adopting a new Life Metaphor will change your life forever.

The Driving Force Behind Your Life

Life is a journey. Life is a test. Life is a party. Do you need a new idea, a new direction or a new inspiration for your life? Overlooked by the mental and behavioral health system, Life Metaphors are the most powerful determinant of your happiness and fulfillment. Your life metaphor literally creates the context of your life and gives it meaning. It is amazing that aren’t typically taught how to choose a life metaphor like we are taught other important aspects of living.

Our brain makes sense of the world through association. We understand “things” in terms of other things the essence of metaphor! How do you understand something new? By relating it to something familiar, making a metaphorical association. When the automobile was introduced, people could hardly fathom it and soon began to call it a horseless carriage. The association of the two concepts fostered easy understanding and integration of the new idea.

What new ideas would serve your goals in life? At the heart consciousness lives the inevitable question, what is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What purpose do I serve? It is the timeless existential inquiry that at one point or another pulls upon every thinking soul. While you may be uncertain of the answers, one thing is for sure. The answers come in the form of a metaphor.

The freedom and personal empowerment that come from a well fitting personal life metaphor cannot be underestimated. Life metaphors determine your beliefs, values, typical reactions and responses to others and many of your behaviors. What if you are operating under an oppressive metaphor? What if you could change it?


What’s your metaphor for life? Better yet, does it serve you? Would you change it if you could? This online NLP mini course, My Life Metaphor, is specifically designed to help you:

• Learn the power of metaphors
• Discover how they structure the important aspects of your life
• Understand how your metaphor affects your view of yourself and others
• Explore what metaphors are unconsciously operating in your life
• Learn to change your existing life metaphor to one that serves you better

What a Metaphor Can Do

A well fitting life metaphor gives you:
• Meaning for your life
• Purpose, direction and a context for setting goals
• A solid basis for making decisions
• Greater clarity about who you are and what is important to you
• The ability to face challenges with more focus and confidence
• A new sense of direction and certainty about your future


• Downloadable Workbook
• 5 supporting audio files


Klavun N.: In my English classes I have used the metaphor “Life is a Game” for students to write on in connection with our reading of Siddhartha.  But I never took it farther or looked at it as a therapeutic tool.  This is really great for me, since metaphor and writing have been my arena for a long time in my work.  I played with exploring different metaphors with family members, and they all got into it!  Which doesn’t always happen with things I want to play with.  In fact, my daughter called me back the next day with a new metaphor.  She’d really been thinking about it.  A great lesson, thanks.

Van Loock r.: What a shock. I didn’t realize how much loneliness I had BUILT around me. Very, very useful module! I have some beliefs that don’t quite match my values and have been upsetting myself in the process. Definitely I see life as an adventure but at the same time haven’t created enough adventure. Time for new metaphors – thanks 

Rose D.: My old life metaphor was a car that kept crashing.  My new one is a sailing ship with all the horns bells and whistles.

Kennedy D.: My old life metaphor was seeing life as a punishment. That was so eye opening. I didn’t know why whenver I made progress I would take two steps forward and one back on an emotional level. On the outside I had many accomplishments and looked good on paper. My new life metaphor is life is a journey, no more self judgement and criticism, and blame, and no more thinking that of others. This lesson is very meaningful to me. I would have guessed that my life metaphor was  life is a test or life is suffering,but going through this I realized my own stumbling blocks. Thanks for the lesson.

Scarlott A.: This really does strike a chord when you realize what your metaphor for your life has been and how it has been tripping you up in relationships and emotionally. It will take a great deal of practice, but I am eager to begin utilizing my new metaphor. “Life is one amazing, yet mysterious romance novel.”

Vesel C.: This is a very powerful section!  I plan on revisiting these questions again and again, to see if I can make progress with my life metaphors. I found that I view my life as a rosebush with lots of thorns and dying blossoms.  I am like Edward Scissorhands, trying to prune out the fading pieces and hoping that new blooms will form.  This creates a negative state when winter comes (and I HATE winter!). My new life metaphor is that of an adventure vacation, where I live on an island that allows me to refresh and restore for my next challenge.  This opens me up to the cyclic nature of life, with flowing unjudged energy, and an appreciation for creativity and art in all things.


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