Zen Motivation: Beyond the Carrot and the Stick

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Course Language: English
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About the Course

We all know that making personal changes can be tough. Even when we know that those changes will lead to greater success with our health, relationships and career, we still resist. It’s not hard to believe that the failure rate of self-improvement efforts in general is 65% to 90% (Sellman, D, 2009).

One reason for this astonishingly high failure rate has to do with typical methods of self-motivation. Common tactics intended to get yourself in gear always backfire and create greater stress in your life.

Everything Changes with Zen Motivation


In this program exclusive to the iNLP Center you will learn:

  • The four negative self-motivation styles and how Zen motivation eliminates them all in one elegant stroke.
  • How to eliminate the negative feelings that surround the tasks you haven’t enjoyed doing and actually begin to enjoy them.
  • How to avoid overwhelm when considering what needs to be done.
  • How immerse yourself in every moment of your life – Zen motivation is the portal to embracing the richness of every moment.

What would happen if you suddenly began doing the things you haven’t been able to get yourself to do?

In short:

  • Double your productivity.
  • Enjoy yourself immensely.
  • NEVER attempt to motivate yourself with negative feelings again.


• 7-page PDF workbook
• 3 Instructional Videos to guide you through the course


Dittman D.: I am looking forward to going outside with all of my livestock and my dog Willie (lots of textures and sounds to focus on. And..doing my Art again without so much stress and avoidance of doing what I used to love to do, due to my negative critic. I am so looking forward to further practice deactivating the DeMoN and will start now. Thank you.

Rose D.: I did notice the difference when deactivating the DMN. There is a saying in a 12 step program: “My mind is not my friend.” I see the correlation between my ADHD and my brain and the power I have to help myself. Have always noticed that helping others in daily life is very beneficial for good mental health.

Conway k.: It did make a difference to take my inner distress out of the picture, helped my focus with more clarity.

Small R.: Just like stressor mapping in NLP …. cool!

Silva K.: I always thought I was pretty good at looking at the positive qualities in most things, in order to motivate myself. Now I realize, I was just replacing negative stress with positive stress, dangling the carrot in front of myself. Which can be pretty disappointing when one doesn’t get the carrot. I have applied the Zen motivation to two areas of my life today and already feel a difference.

Hyde J.: Thanks for the insight I wished I know about this years ago.

Fuller L.: This is a great technique to help keep you centered. I am glad I did the Tame the DMN module first because the material seems to have a more profoundly impacted my ability to understand and integrate this material and put it into practice.

Patterson K.: I can feel that I am calmer. The comments outside my circle are much different. I even felt hope.

Vesel C.: I am glad that I did “Tame the DMN” yesterday, as Zen Motivation goes hand in hand. It is an excellent technique that I want to practice until I can call upon it – even in the most stressful circumstance.

Van Loock R.: Oh wow! I want to do this at least once a day or whenever is necessary. I could hardly believe how fast the change was. Coincidentally I quit smoking a week ago and this will help with cravings even though that wasn’t what I wrote in the circles. I am looking forward to developing this further. Thanks!

Baez H.: Thanks for this lesson in which I learned to center myself on the here and now, instead of escaping off to daydreaming and other customary internal world distractions.

Prior J.: Will apply today. Amazing the difference between the “before” and “after” circle. Before circle crowded with painful thoughts with a few “It’ll be great when its done, reasons to do etc, after , I just put “OK” Will re-post after applying for a few days.

Mancini V.: I have done the Zen Motivation this evening and it really worked well for me. I am going to continue using the method and share it with my fellow peers.

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