Decision Strategies and VAK

Life is a process of decisions.  Some we agonize over and some come automatically. The truth is that every action we take from when to sneeze to which career path we want to pursue is decided upon consciously or unconsciously. Using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic information s to make a decision is such a great strategy.

I can give you examples from my own life.

BAD DECISION – a couple of years ago we bought a new car. The salesman was polite. He answered all of our questions, provided a wealth of information, and give us a price within our budget (A). The car looked expensive and had every feature we were looking form plus many additional ones (V).  When I drove the car, I didn’t feel comfortable (K). However, the car was very nice, it looked good, my husband liked it, and I told myself I could adjust. Wrong decision – the car was too big for me, I never felt comfortable driving it, and therefore drive very little.  So, while the three VAK components provided information, I chose to ignore the K and paid the price.

GOOD DECISION – Recently, we had to have our 16 year old cat Missy put to sleep and we wanted a new pet. My daughter thought we needed a dog. We went to the shelter and looked at dogs and cats. We went to a cat show, watched dogs at the dog park, and talked over the pros and cons. My husband kind of liked a dog, and I wasn’t sure, but I could adjust (familiar story?).

This time, though, I had taken the NLP training and I paid attention to the K. We went back to the shelter and decided together to get two rescue kittens, which have been a delight and a joy for both of us.