Enrollment and Online Training Process

How do I enroll?


1. Visit our online learning center.

2. Find the class you are looking for and click the blue ENROLL button, this will start the checkout process.

3. You’ll be directed to create a user account.

4. Choose how to pay, either Paypal or a Credit Card.

5. Enter your credit card details and confirm your order.

6. You will immediately receive your payment confirmation with a link to the course.

7. Check your email! You will receive an Enrollment Confirmation with important next steps.

8. Schedule your New Student Orientation appointment (optional)

Most of our courses also allow you to make monthly payments instead of paying at all once. You can visit our payment plans page. If you choose this payment option, you will skip steps 2-6 above.

nlp training online directionsAccessing Your Course

1. Click on the course link on your payment confirmation page or in your Enrollment Confirmation email.

2. Click on the CONTINUE LEARNING button.


1. LOG IN to your student account in the top menu, or click DASHBOARD > MY COURSES

2. Click on the DETAILS button.

Basically… Just follow the blue buttons once you are logged in.

Getting to Work

After you click the CONTINUE LEARNING button, you will see the UNIT list.

Simply click the first Module to begin.

Anytime you would like to go back to the list of Modules, just click on the UNIT button in the course navigation bar.

Each module has the material listed out. There will be different quantities of audios, videos and essay questions depending on the module. (See the picture of a module 10).

There is a link to download the PDF workbook/manual. You can print it out or view it online. (we recommend printing, so you can fill in the questions and take notes)

There are audio and video files to listen to or watch inside the module page.

Each module has a variety of activities to complete. They are called Stealth Missions, Psyche Builders, or Exercises.

At the bottom of the module page, you’ll be asked to submit reports for specific activities you completed.

Following our Guidelines, you will compose your report in a document, then copy and paste it into the submission box.

We are then able to review it, score it, and provide necessary feedback.

It is very important that you follow the guidelines to not only pass the course but to learn how to apply the material.

Within a couple of days, your trainer will score your report and provide valuable feedback. You will be emailed once your report has been graded. You can check your gradebook to see your score and read feedback. You can also reply to your trainer from the feedback window as needed.

You can access your GRADEBOOK anytime by clicking on the GRADEBOOK link in the course navigation bar.

What happens if I get less than 80% on my essay?

If you did not get an 80%, don’t feel bad. Your trainer will ask you to resubmit your essay and give you feedback on what it was missing. You can simply resubmit your report into the submission box and move on. There on no limits to how many times you resubmit. You can still move on the next module while you wait for your score.

Because this is an international school, we take into consideration that English may not be your native language. Our main concern when assigning a grade is how well you understand the material. If we have difficulty understanding your response, we will ask for more explanation in the feedback we provide.

Attending the Live Training Sessions

The live training sessions are held in an online classroom. At the top of each course’s unit list, is a unit called “Live Classroom Links & Training Session Calendar.” That unit has the access links to the classroom and a link to the see the training session calendar.

To attend a session, simply find the applicable session on the training center calender, then, when the class starts, just click the classroom link to immediately be connected. In the online classroom, you will have the option to turn on your video and audio to participate, just like in an in-person training.

*Live training sessions are optional for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner students. They are required for students working in the Life Coach Training.


Requesting Your Certificate

After you completed and passed all required modules, you can request your certificate. In the last unit, ‘Request your Certificate,’ there is a form that you can submit to request your certificate. After we receive your request, we will mail or email your certificate (whichever you prefer) within that week.

Getting Help

Working online doesn’t mean you’re alone. At any point that you are unsure of how to navigate the site or work on a module, you can click on the red tab at the bottom of the screen that says, “Questions?” If we are online, we can chat with you. If we are offline, you can leave a question or message, and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call (951) 428-4264.

Note: We are PST (GMT-7) timezone.


Working with Other Students

Yes! There are many ways to work with other students at iNLP Center.

  1. Within our school, we have a Student Directory. This online directory allows you to search for other students who are enrolled in your course, live near you or are the same gender. This allows you to work on course exercises together or just get peer feedback. (Earns ICF coaching hours)
  2. We have a student-only Facebook group where students interact. Often students post asking if anyone would like to work together. (Earns ICF coaching hours)
  3. Additionally, you can always attend our Live Training Sessions to work with our certified iNLP Center trainers and other students.