Enrollment and Online Training Process

How do I enroll?


1. Just find the class you are looking for and click the SIGN UP.

2. You will then be redirected to create a user account (if you have not previously done so).

3. Next, you will be redirected to your shopping cart where you can pay with either Paypal or a Credit Card.

4. Once you choose your payment method you will enter your payment information, confirm your order and pay. You will be immediately redirected to your payment confirmation with a link to the course.

If you would like to make payments for your course:

1. Click here to view the payment page with links to start your payments. You can choose to pay with your Paypal Account or Credit Card through Paypal. If you would prefer not to use Paypal, please contact us.

2. Once we receive your payment notification, we will load your course. This can take up to 8 hours (depending on the time of day.)

 How do I start my course?

There are a few ways to get to the course you enrolled in. Any of the following ways will take you to one of the pages below.
1. You can click on the link on the payment confirmation page, then click on the CONTINUE LEARNING button, like below.
2. You can click the link on your emailed receipt for the course, then click on the CONTINUE LEARNING button, like below.
3. You can click on the LOG IN button in the top menu list, then click on the DETAILS button, like below.
4. You can go to our main site, http://inlpcenter.org and click on STUDENT LOGIN (at the top of our website). Then click on the DETAILS button, like below.


UNITSOnce enrolled, how do I work on my course?

After you click the CONTINUE LEARNING button (shown above), you will see the UNIT list.

Simply click the Module you would like to start on. It is best to go in order.

Anytime you would like to go back to the list of Modules, just click on the UNIT button in the course navigation bar.


UNIT-VIEWHow do I access the material?

In each module, the material is listed out for you. There may be a variety of audios, videos and essay questions depending on the module. See the picture of a module at the right of Module 10.

There is a link to download the PDF workbook/manual. You can print it out or view it on your screen. (we recommend printing, so you can fill in the questions and take notes)

There is a combination of audio and video files to listen to or watch, right on the module page.

There are essay questions to complete on the module page as well. After you complete the essay questions, you will submit them and move on the to the next module. Essay Examples

Anytime you need help during a module you can click the red Live Chat button at the bottom of the screen. If we are online, we can chat then. Otherwise, you can leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

At any point, you can save your progress and continue at a later time.

GRADEBOOKWhat happens to my essay questions after I submit them?

After you submit your essay questions, they go into your GRADEBOOK. You can access your GRADEBOOK anytime by clicking on the GRADEBOOK link in the course navigation bar.

Your assigned trainer is alerted that you have submitted an essay. The trainer will score it and provide valuable feedback. Once this is done, your GRADEBOOK will show a score and feedback icon.

What happens if I get less than 80% on my essay?

If you did not get an 80%, don’t feel bad. Your trainer will ask you to resubmit your essay and give you feedback on what it was missing. You can simply resubmit that question and move on. There on no limits on how many times you take a test. You can still move on the next module. Just make sure to go back and resubmit that essay.

Because this is an international school, we take into consideration that English may not be your native language and so do not penalize you on grammar or articulation. Our main concern when assigning a grade is how well you understand the material.

How do I get my certificate of completion?

After you completed and passed all 12 modules, you can request your certificate. In the last unit, ‘Request your Certificate’, there is a form that you can submit to request your certificate. After we receive it, we will mail or email your certificate (whichever you prefer) within that week.

CHATHow do I get help?

Working online doesn’t mean you’re alone. At any point that you are unsure of how to navigate the site or work on a module, you can click on the blue tab at the bottom of the screen that says, “LIVE CHAT”.  If we are online, we can chat with you. If we are offline, you can leave a question and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call +1 (951) 428-4264.

Note: We are PST (GMT-8) timezone.


Can I work with other students?

Yes! Within our school, we have a Work Together Student Directory. This online directory allows you to search for other students who are enrolled in your course, live near you or are the same gender. This allows you to work on course exercises together or just get peer feedback.

Additionally, you can choose NOT to participate in the Student Directory by simply checking a box in your profile that says you would prefer not to be listed in the student directory.

You can also join our student-only Facebook group where you can participate in on-going conversations about NLP topics.

Want to see more? Watch this quick video of our learning center in action:


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