Life Coaching Directory & Software with Life Coach Hub

If you are looking for a life coach or if you are a coach in search of tools for running your practice, an incredibly useful resource is Life Coach Hub. The site is a committed to “helping more and more people reach their goals” and offers a coaching directory, advice, and coaching software.

Life Coach Hub for the Coaches

Life Coach Hub has software specifically designed to help life coaches market themselves. Coaches are essentially running their own businesses in addition to helping people improve their circumstances. Having a company comes with its own challenges, such as building a brand, retaining clients, and making a profit.

The software provides a business administration suite that includes the ability for you to:

  • be listed in Life Coach Hub’s coach directory
  • publish articles
  • create a coaching specific website
  • run online and group coaching
  • have automated coaching forms and packages
  • publish coaching courses
  • have your own e-commerce coaching shop
  • run your calendar and billing
  • benefit from lead generation

When you set up your website, it comes with a customizable shop through which you can process secure payments. Users can discover you on Life Coach Hub and browse your courses, workshops and events, as well as your print, audio and visual materials.

And if you are proactive about writing articles for Life Coach Hub, that’s just one more way for people to find out about you. For example, your specialty might be motivational coaching. If people like a post you wrote on that topic, they can click on your name to see your profile, courses, certifications, and reviews.

Life Coach Hub also has a detailed and extensive webpage that explains coaching strategies based on feedback from practicing coaches. And just as there is a resource page for people who are looking for coaching, there is a resource page with articles full of advice for the coaches themselves.

“We are all so busy as coaches, but how often do we take the time to invest in what will truly bring us ongoing profit, less work and less stress?” said Andrea Taylor, Coaching Support Director at Life Coach Hub. “We urge our clients and prospects to invest in their success with coaching, but do we invest in our own success? We like to think of Life Coach Hub as a coach, for coaches.”

When you sign up to join Life Coach Hub, you will receive a 14-day free trial on any plan without giving up your credit card information. There are also add-ons for upgrading your marketing to get in front of more prospective clients’ eyes, and also options for low cost client leads.

Life Coach Hub for the Coaching Clients

If you are someone who is searching for a life coach, there are numerous areas of life for which you can receive guidance. General categories include health and fitness, career, relationships, and purpose. However, Life Coach Hub enables you to search for coaches who help with even more specific concerns.

For example, the top coaches that appear on the “Find a Coach” page offer assistance for areas such as self-confidence, self-employment and time management, separation and divorce, and NLP training.

There is also an entire section of the site dedicated to outlining the history of life coaching and its structure and philosophy. It explains how life coaching differs from professional counseling and provides other info to help you figure out if coaching is a good fit for you.

Then you can choose which coach you are interested in through factors such as each coach’s:

  • credentials
  • client reviews
  • hours
  • price range
  • location
  • format (online, private, etc.)

The articles Life Coach Hub provides on various topics are an additional, useful way of deciding on a coach. Of course, whether or not you are actually ready to pay for a coach, you can still go to the website and get plenty of free and helpful information. But as mentioned earlier, the coaches themselves write these posts.

Perhaps you’re interested in a coach you’ve found through the Find a Coach page and you discover that person has written an article on the site. Before actually purchasing a coaching session, you can learn more about his or her point of view by reading the post. On the other hand, you might peruse the articles first till you find one that’s especially helpful to you. Then you can evaluate if you want to hire the coach who wrote it.

“Coaching is something that really does work,” says Andrea Taylor from Life Coach Hub. “We’ve seen it time and time again, where people with ongoing issues in a particular area, such as weight, relationships or career, finally decide to take a fraction of what they have been spending on diet supplements or ‘shopping therapy’ and instead invest in a coach. For the first time they actually see real results and are floored.”

Most coaches on the site offer a free consultation to find out if the coach would be a good fit for you. If you’re unsure who to choose, you can submit a coaching request to receive no-obligation emails from several coaches who feel confident they can help you in your issue.

Plenty of Useful Resources

We could all use direction at some point in our lives to help us through difficult situations or even just to improve ourselves.

You can also sign up for the Life Coach Hub newsletter and get 20% off of store purchases and life coach services, while coaches can get free tools for their organizations. But even if you’re not interested in purchasing any products, you can still access plenty of helpful advice on any area of life in which you might need guidance.

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