Metaphoric Interventions

Our concept of existence is metaphorical in nature. We can only comprehend life, objects, and ourselves by association, which is the broad meaning of a metaphor – to understand one thing in terms of another.

The metaphor we choose or inherit, which is often deeply unconscious, holds enormous power over how we feel, think, behave, and interact with others.

My metaphor for years was “life is a struggle”, which made life very scary and not much fun.

Recently, while going through several of the NLP strategies, I a new metaphor popped into mind – life is an experiment.  What a difference that makes for me. This new metaphor takes the pressure off and allows me to try things I may not have been willing to try previously. I didn’t have to do something perfectly, it doesn’t have to turn out right – I am experimenting.
It seems to fit in with the NLP principle – there is no failure only feedback.

Metaphoric Interventions is included in the Personal Development Program course  – Life Metaphors.