Getting Started Student Checklist

Welcome to iNLP Center!

Before you start working on your course there are a few things we’d like you to do…


Schedule your “New Student Orientation” with Hope Bundrant. (Not required but highly recommended!)
Click here to find a time on the calendar, then click on the time for attendance directions.

We want to get to know you and for you to get to know us! During the New Student Orientation, we’ll go over how to use our online learning platform, report guidelines, live training sessions, and everything else there is to know so you can be most successful at iNLP Center! If you are able to attend one or want to get started right away, you can read about how our online platform works, here.

Please complete our Enrollment Survey.

We’d like to find out more about you and why you chose to learn with us. This helps us understand your needs so we can assist you better during and after your training.

If enrolled in the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, or Life Coach training, familiarize yourself with our guidelines for submitting your assignments. Click here to view guidelines.

These are VERY important to understand and follow. They are essential to earning your certification.

Sign up for Weekly Student News.
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In this newsletter, you will be notified of upcoming weekly webinars, coaching seminars, NLP workshops, etc. You will also stay up to speed with new programs, opportunities, general information, new students and iNLP Center graduates!

If you are enrolled in an NLP Trainings, Life Coach Training, or Hypnosis Training courses you can attend live training sessions in our online classrooms with our trainers.

You will see directions for attending in the first unit of the course.  Check out the schedule to plan your attendance. (attendance is optional)

Join our iNLP Center student-only Facebook group.
Click here to request.

Please email us to let you know you requested to join so we can accept your request.

Follow us on Twitter for center updates, session notifications, and other center announcements.
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Visit the Student Directory if you would like to find other students to work with. You can activate your listing in the Student Directory by going to DASHBOARD > MY PROFILE in the menu above.

If you would like to work with other students on your assignments, you can search our directory to find students in your local area or timezone to practice NLP with. Search by location, gender, and course.

Check out the Resource Library for instructor contact information, technique-focused articles, recording of past webinars, and special offers.


Ask for help! If you are ever confused or unsure of how to use our online learning center, please let us know right away so we can provide assistance.

You can click the “Questions?” button at the bottom of any page to chat or leave a message. You can also call us at 951-428-4264.

You can print out or bookmark this page.  A link to this page is also listed in your Enrollment Confirmation email.

And Finally….
To get started on your course, go to DASHBOARD > MY COURSES in the menu above.