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Report Submission Guidelines & Examples

All report submissions for the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings must follow these guidelines.


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Report Examples:
Psyche Builder
Stealth Mission
Coaching Exercise

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Life Coach Hub
Life Coach Tools Company

Personal Development Topics

DMN and Outcome Specification
Psychological Attachments and the A-H-A Solution
Metaphoric Intervention

NLP Topics

V-K Dissociation: NLP to Heal Traumatic Memories

Core Transformation

Decision Strategies and VAK
How to Build Rapport using NLP
Process Instructions Exercise
An Extra Logical Levels Exercise
The Strategies Model
How to Develop VAK Flexibility

Combination Tools for Coaching

Motivation Strategies, The Swish Pattern, and Future Pacing
DMN, New Behavior Generator, and Future Pacing
Dissociation, Creating an Empowering Anchor, and New Behavior Generator
DMN and Outcome Specification
Reframing, Positive Intentions, and the Six-Step Reframe
Reframing vs. Justfication, then using the Six-Step Reframe
Outcome Process, New Behavior Generator, AHA Solution

Webinar Reviews

Overcoming Obstacles in Life | A Very Effective 4-Step Process
Making Behaviors Automatic Webinar Review


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